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Many of my clients, for confidentiality reasons, choose not to place a review on Google. As an alternative, they have kindly written a counselling review, to provide you with their experience of healing and progression.

To preserve confidentiality, I do not use clients’ names, therefore use initials, or client’s own preference of presenting.

If you wish to view my reviews via Google, please use the following link:

Jane is very calm and provided a safe space, guidance, and useful tools to explore and work on our relationship issues."

Mr S & Mrs T

"I would like to thank you (Jane) for all of your help, you really did get me through a very difficult time and made me believe in myself again."

Anonymous Female

Working with Jane was a great experience for me. She helped me pinpoint and deal with my anxiety issues. I was able to make big life decisions to fix my problems after discussing them with her. Jane never provided advice but navigated the conversation expertly and made sure that I asked myself the right questions to come to the conclusion of how to move forward on my own. I will be forever grateful for her guidance and help during a very rough time in my life.


“Had a very positive experience working with Jane. She was very easy to talk to and gave me space & time for reflections. I came out of them feeling refreshed and motivated. I would definitely recommend Jane to anyone looking to work through things in therapy, she was kind, thoughtful and loyal.”

Mr P

"Jane was the most engaged counsellor I've ever worked with. Attentive to details, reflective and able to challenge assumptions in a way that allows unlocking deeper insights into the personal inner world. During 10 sessions of deep exploring, I had a chance to understand & find acceptance of self. Would recommend anyone who is struggling with their emotional world to reach out to Jane"

Mr D

"I worked with Jane for roughly 8 months, to help overcome some personal issues I was struggling with at the time. Jane’s person-centred approach helped me to build confidence in myself and eventually overcome my hurdles. Jane was kind, very empathic and very easy to work with. She quickly made me feel at ease and provided the perfect atmosphere in which to begin address my problems, I never once felt judged or unable to voice my feelings. Choosing to work with Jane was one of the best decisions I've ever made and have helped me become a happier, more confident person. I would highly recommend her services to anyone considering therapy."

Mrs D

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